She Woke

A feminine divine awakening day retreat


Reclaiming the inner lights and Goddess Brigid fire within and healing energy.
The wisdom from Menarche to Menopause will bring solid and strong foundations to your rite of passage into every stage of womanhood.

February 22nd at Fumbally Stables
€85.00 (Booking via Eventbrite will include a booking fee)
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La Fheile Bhride!

Time to Awaken, Rise and Shine into new beginnings.

The Ceaillach has lifted her cloak of darkness off the lands and we are now ready to leave the deeper yin energy and awaken from our dream state to a lighter, brighter more yang fuled rebirth into Spring. There’s fire in the belly and she’s ready to soar. February 1st brings a stir and growth from the belly. The land is pregnant with possibility.

What do I need to do, to wake up?

What stirrings of new life are making themselves known to me?

This is the time for our maiden energy to come to life and remember how to play and stoke her feminine divine creative power. Goddess Brigid reminds us how to soothe old wounds and heal old stories by firering up our blessings and burning away the burdens. The inner youthful maiden has big songs in her heart she’s ready to share them with her world.

At She Woke this Imbolc we will step into Rituals of Menarche and celebrate our first enterance into her rite of passage into womanhood. Her first drop of blood to the earth at her arrival into menstruality.

As budding menarche how we begin our relationship with our womb and blood prayers, will have a huge influence on any girls connection to her womb cycle, sexuality and how she see’s herself and would like to present herself to the world. Menarche is a very special and sacRED time that requires nurture, blessings, wisdom and joy. We welcome and celebrate all into this first chapter into woman.

The Maiden, Mother and Chrone, menarche, menstruality, pregnancy, pregnancy release, menopause and mature years are our rites of passage into womanhood and deserve loving kindnes, integrity, support and sisterhood.

What will we do at She Woke?

Womb Yoga | Ritual of Menarche | Tea ceremony | Ignite intentions Burn away burden | Yin & Restorative Yoga | Meet your inner Goddess Brigid | Sit in Sacred circle with like minded Women | Meditate | Play Loving Kindess | Laugh | Cry | Rise | Shine | Heal | Create | Awaken

It’s a powerful and mighty gift to embody your inner seasons, cycles, archetypes and connect deeper to your womb wisdom. Attuning to your spiritual or mental health, emotional resilience and supporting your body through ritual, nourishing yin, yang practices, yoga and meditation.

All Grandmothers, Sisters, Mothers and daughters welcome. All who identify as woman and wish to heal an old story, recreate a new chapter of womb heart love. All who are curious about the wisdom of your womb and would like to deepen a womb woke experience and practice. In the case of hysterectomy or not been born with a womb we will tune in energetically. No womb require.

Suitable during pregnancy, pregnancy release (abortion/miscarriage/stillbirth/brith), menstruation, menopause and mature years.
It is with great fire in my belly I welcome you into this Imbolc and Goddess Brigid soul and vision quest.

The Goddess is Awake and Magick is afoot.

With Love & Blessings
x Kitty


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