She Sleeps || A Samhain day retreat for Wise Women

She Sleeps || A Samhain day retreat for Wise Women
Kitty welcomes all who identify as Woman, in all potent phases and stages of life. Those in need of nourishment to A Samhain day retreat, She Sleeps.


Sat, 9 November,
10:30 – 18:30
The Fumbally Stables
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8





As we prepare for a Samhain Full Moon in the days to follow 🌚 We will acknowledge what needs to die and be released in your life in order for rebirth. Connecting with the cycle of life, being cyclical creatures and how the moon cycle can influence your energy.

Learning to be excessively kind to yourself 🖤 with practices and offerings from Chloe McHugh, Roisin Healy and Kitty Maguire.

This day will host the deeply powerful practices of Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Sound healing, Acupuncture and Slow Yogini flows to move intuitively and from your inner season. Connecting deeper to your innate wisdom and knowing.

Part of the afternoon layer will be a deep filled bath full of Chloe McHughs soul centred sound baths and super pure vibrations cascading throughout your body and room. The option of acupuncture during the sound bath will also be available for those looking to revolutionise their rest time, provided by the wonderful Roisin Healy.

The Ceallach, Sacred Hag & Wise Woman will be the face of our feminine divine and guide us into the heart of winter, where the dark will be our womb and allow us to strip everything back to our bare branches and shed the layers of old wounds, stories and beliefs in order to make space for renewal.

Before we can fully rise into our sovereignty we must meet our dark feminine and listen and feel her wisdom on this souls quest and ceremony of woman.
Full Samhain Moon practice🌝🌪- being open to receiving and inviting the elixirs of life into our world and body.

🔥After feasting we will gather and sit in circle and connect with your fellow women. Where she chats, laughs, cries and ready to roar if She feels the need. With a Samhain ritual to fully integrate all the magick and blessings the darkness brings to our cyclical beings and lives for the new year ahead. 🔮

A storytelling practice from the wise woman with yin practices (which will vary from yin yoga, restorative yoga, silence, vibration and sound) depending on your stage of cycle or hormones yin yoga & movement practices will be modified to meet your phase. 🖤

*Sound bath suitable for women from 13 weeks pregnant. All welcome at any stage of cycle & life. No womb required.
We live in a world that wears busy , burnt out nervous systems and fast like a badge of honour. We live in a world that doesn’t celebrate, acknowledge our creative blood or the blessings and privilege of growing into an Elder. We live in a world that barely acknowledges your potent phases of power and exercises woman like a yogi not a yogini.

So it’s time for you to ask if you’re unsure.. ask your female and male teachers, trainers, gurus and body workers what they think and how they can support your hormonal and powerful phases of life within their teaching or body work style. Through this inquiry we will then bring to the surface just how important acknowledging, working/moving/living from our potent stages and cycles of life is to the health and well-being of those with ever changing hormonal stages.

Your pelvic caldron is the home of your creation, creatrixness and creativity. This is the source of vitality for all women. Our home of pleasure, pain, sexuality and playfulness.

If we are not educated on moving from our own energetic system and only ever move like the male body it can burn out our essence, dry out our juiciness and leave us feeling less fluid from too much yang energy and stress in our bodies.
If we move from our inner world, landscapes and innate wisdom, trauma, fertility, sensuality, pms, period pain and hormonal disharmony during menopause and post natal times, we can learn the tools to support our ever changing, moving with the moon energy and bodies.

I am very passionate and proud to share this beautiful day of celebration of the dark feminine and all the gifts that she brings to She Sleeps, The Rest Revolution.

Investment – Pre registration €80.00 | Post September 14th €95.00 | deposit payments pay €95 in total *please note Eventbrite add a booking fee. For bank transfer to avoid booking fee email for details.


Jai Maa Wonder Wimmins


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