She Rising – A Winter Solstice gathering for women

A Winter Solstice gather where the depths of darkness meet her inner lights.


Sat, 21 December 2019
10:30am – 3:30pm
The Fumbally Stables
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8
Investment: €75.00
Bring a light snack for tea break & short lunch.





In order for the dark feminine to rise out of her deep slumber fully when Imbolc resurfaces she must find herself in the depths of darkness to root her power, sew her seeds of intention and surrender into the death of the height of darkness. Then she can begin to welcome the end and renewal that winter solstices brings. The stirring of the the inner lights begins to stir from this point on.

This will be a soothing winter warmer for all who identify as women to slowly stoke the embers of your soul with subtle and supportive practises to help with the slow transition into your rising light.

The heavenly voice and heartfelt sounds of Jenny Ni Ruiséil will close our day and return us to a gentle state of replenishment, receiving and nourishment.

All welcome at any stage of life or experience to this beautiful day of woman.

*No womb or history of menstruation required.

Email Kitty at for further information.


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