Red Alchemy | 30 hour Online

a retreat summers day to flourish and empower yourself

30 hour Online Womb Science, female anatomy Master classes & Inner seasons cycle awareness





Red Alchemy Womb Science, female anatomy & cycle awareness welcomes ANYONE who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of how the female reproductive system and body functions. If you teach or care for women, menstruating people, adolescents, in any shape or form or people with female anatomy, planning a pregnancy, healing from pregnancy release, (pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth) grief, shame, trauma in the womb, transitioning sex, non-binary or you just feel curious about leaning about the female reproductive system, hormones and female anatomy, You are very welcome.

Weaving Womb, Moon & Celtic Cyclical Wisdom, Womb Science, Yoga & Taoist intelligence, Ritual and practices to support, balance and empower cyclical bodies for people who wish to deepen their roots with their own body, energy and awareness. For those who are passionate about working and creating healing, nourishing, sacred space for women and girls, people who have female reproductive organs or identity as women.

No womb or menstrual cycle is required to attend this training.

This training offers space, insights and tools for anyone who wishes to learn and gain a deeper connection to their own womb, spirit and body or if you feel drawn to blazing a path and sharing this powerful work with schools, menarche circles (first period), Women circles, Menstruating people circles or Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) support.

(Rituals, ceremony and sacred space immersion weekend can be completed at a separate time in venues around Ireland apx 21 hours. Next immersion September 4/5/6 2020)

We will meet every Monday from June 22nd for 9 weeks of master classes between 7pm – 10pm (check timetable as weeks differ).

With a strong clan of women passionate about supporting and empowering womb holders, women and people who menstruate. They will hold, guide and share their wisdom, gifts and magick to reignite your essence and equip you with the tools needed to support yourself or those in your community, classes or circles.

Kitty Maguire | Yaeli Margalit | Katie Parsons

Investment €333 before June 5th

Investment €399 after June 5th

Payment plans starting in May can be split into 4 payments between May & August 2020 €83.25 monthly

Payment plans starting in June can be split into 3 payments between June & August 2020 €133.00 monthly

Contact Kitty with any questions at


Week 1-5 7pm-9.30pm | Week 4-9 7pm-10pm

22/6 7-9.30pm Week 1
The Ceaillach

Inner Winter | Ancestral healing | The Elders bloodline | Menstruation

29/6 7-9.30pm Week 2

Inner Spring | Menarche | Inner healer | Rewrite your womb story | Pre Ovulation

6/7 7-9.30pm Week 3

Inner Summer | Mothering | Creatrix | Sexuality |Pleasure | Ovulation

13/7 7-9.30pm Week 4
Sile na Gig

Inner Autumn | Wild Woman | The power of No | Inner Critic | Pre-menstruum

20/7 7 – 9.30pm
Week 5 Grainne Mhaol | Queen Medb

The Void | Warrior | Shape Shifter | Rage, Anger, Potent power | Attuning to the spirit world and senses.

27/7 7-10pm Week 6
Anatomy of female pelvis, sex organs & reproductive system

10/8 7-10pm Week 7
The Nervous System | Vagas Nerve | Fight Flight Freeze & Fawn | Stress

18/8 Week 8 7-10pm
The Endocrine System | Hormones | Liver function & support

25/8 7-10pm Week 9
Psoas & Ovaries | Pelvis & Jaw | Cervical Spine & Cervix | Vocal cords & Pelvic walls

All online practices & lectures will be recorded on Zoom. You will receive the online recordings so you have your practice and wisdom to revisit.
Missed practices can catch up in your own time with recordings.

There will be weekly homework and exercises to explore.

I look forward to seeing you online and sharing this incredible program with you all.

Love Kitty and Clan


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