Pregnancy Release Circle

Pregnancy release care & support
A Deep Resolve


October 28th 8.30pm-10pm
Investment €15
Unwaged €5
Scholarships available




A space where your pregnancy release story has the opportunity to be honoured and laid to rest. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the wounds that may be there for us, to begin or continue the process of healing, so that we may accept our experience with peace in a kind and supportive environment.

The experience of pregnancy release should be met with compassion, kindness and space to feel and grieve. Often so many people are met with lack of awareness of how to hold space for someone experiencing pregnancy release.

This 90 minute healing circle will offer a space of deep nourishment, rest and compassion. Prepare your space with cushions, bolsters, blankets, eye bags and all the lovely things you love to create your sacred space. Kitty will guide you into an extremely supportive restorative yoga bed and there take you on a healing journey to make peace with your heart and your spirit babies soul.

When we meet our grief with ritual and the metta loving kindness prayer we can honour and connect to the parts of ourselves that need deeper love.

We will light a flame for Saviata Halappanavar on the anniversary of her passing.

This is a safe and sacred space we can learn to release and heal our wound.

Why the term pregnancy release? “Calling miscarriage and abortion ‘pregnancy release’ creates a greater awareness of the fact that the person experiencing these processes had a legitimate pregnancy, not just a miscarriage or an abortion. Pain coping techniques, advocacy, nourishment & emotional support given to birthing people are all applicable to miscarriage & abortion support.” – Samantha Zipporah.

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