Only the Yoni

a retreat summers day to flourish and empower yourself

with Kitty Maguire

Wisdom – Strength – Nourishment – Empowerment


Thrive Festival, February 29th
@The Convention Centre



Only the Yoni at Thrive will be a glimpse and little taste into sacred circles and women’s work with Kitty.

The practise will consist of a guided meditation and some gentle movement to acknowledge and honour our inner archetypes, seasons, cycles and moon wisdom. One of the greatest gifts a women/menstruating person can learn is how to honour and move from their own inner cycles. Be it a moon cycle or menstrual cycle.

Menstruating people who have a connection to their womb learn to heal ancestral wounds, personal wounds and gain incredible insights into how your moon or womb cycle dictates your emotions, hormones, strength, co-ordination, mobility, flexibility, mental health and over all health and well-being.

These practices are supportive and healing for those struggling with menarche, menstruality, post natal, peri menopause, menopausal and the mature years.For those on a fertility journey, learning to connect deeper to your womb or moon cycle is a powerful insight and we can learn to listen to our bodies and gain great insight.

If you feel drawn to your rite of passage into woman and reclaiming womanhood, You are very welcome and I look forward to sitting in a powerful, beautiful and supportive circle of womanhood with you.

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