Fairy Blissmas Yocella

Fairy Blissmas Yocella


Sun, 15th December





Tis the season to be jolly, stay up late, eat and drink all sorts of concoctions and dance the hind legs off a reindeer in your favourite 70s woollen geansai.​

So! Y​our lovely auld bod is going to need some support along the way, ​to keep up with ​all the bright lights the city has to offer. A lot of us will indulge in some of the above if not all of the above over the party season, so trying to maintain some balance and self-care along the way should keep us on the right side of Santas list.

And of course us Yocella Fairy Goddess mothers will have just the ticket to bring you a magical experience of pure pleasure to nurture and soothe your whole self.

During this 2 hour Yin Yoga to live cello experience. You will be taken on a peaceful inward journey and feel deep release, more self compassion, ease anxiety, stress and tension held in the body and busy minds.

This is a practice of self-care that uses yin yoga, meditation, music, silence, stillness to access the depths of our body to allow oursleves complete rest, release and nourishment.

No experience is required and Yocella is suitable during pregnancy.


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