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Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to all other exercise and busy lifestyles.
It reminds us to take the time to nurture, slow down and not be so tough on yourself.
Join us for Yocella ♡ A selfcare practise of yin yoga to cello.


You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
- Mary Oliver


May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
May the clarity of light be yours,
May the fluency of the ocean be yours,
May the protection of the ancestors be yours.
- John O'Donohue


'Kitty's Nature and Nurture retreat was one of those moments in life that deeply moves you; it was nourishing for mind and body - the yoga was compassionate and caring, the food was lovingly prepared and the atmosphere was kind, fun and meditative. The various holistic practitioners were highly skilled, lovely people. I can't recommend taking time out and practicing self-care with Kitty, it's a transforming experience.'


Hello I’m Kitty

Full time teacher and event maker for beautiful, creative soul nourishing gatherings.

I really love what I do and through out the years of teaching (I think I’ve clocked up 20 years somehow) of learning and growing I have managed to create a job I feel really passionate about. Things like Yocella, Retreats in the wild Ireland, Ballates ballet barre, Only the Yoni, Yoga Kitchens and Grá Mná are some of the amazing highlights that have become part of my life. I love whats happened to my life since I began yoga.. it really was the icing on the cake and the trip of a lifetime.. well it still is, I’m forever going to want to grow and learn more ways to nourish my life an the people around me.

I came from a background in Ballet. And although I truly loved it, it was very tough and not always so supportive to my body and mind.

I taught children dance. Ran kids dance and art camps, trained as a personal trainer and fitness instructor so I could make the move into teaching adults.

But I needed more, I needed a different approach. So I trained as a Pilates teacher. This made so much more sense to my body. I felt fantastic and tall as a 5ft 4 women can.

I loved the slower pace and how it reminded me of my ballet training in ways. So then I merged the two and Ballates Barre was born and this was really fun to teach. Women love this class. It’s killer on the the legs but really great for body conditioning and focusing on those areas we don’t always think are as important to strengthen and it made more sense to women looking for a pregnancy workout as it supports the whole mid section.

ANYWAY while I was teaching away at Ballates world and burning out ALL THE TIME with high energy and very dynamic physical work and life I as leading. I started doing Yoga for myself.. minding myself after flying around Dublin on my bike all day teaching heaps of classes.

Now I didn’t LOVE Yoga at the beginning. And if you know me you would understand that. I’m fire, fast and alllllllways on the go. So this meditation malarkey was a bit head wrecking. But because I’ve come from a strong classical ballet background, no way was I giving up or being lazy.

Then it just happens, Yoga just one day all of a sudden is like your first love. You only want to Yoga. Morning, noon and night. It just makes a little bit more sense and life is always easier after a class. So then of I went did my 200 hour teacher training. It killed me! I was not into all that studying. Just let me move, makes the shapes.

Then life has a funny way of taking over sometimes.. and my body said NO MORE. And crashed. Everything started to hurt my body and she was exhausted.

So I started doing Yin yoga,.. which is the stretching part of yoga. Anything more than a down dog was out. So then began a new love affair. A really kind, compassionate built on only self-care, self-love relationship. So of course I wanted to study this more.. and for the women who HATED studying all of a sudden all these books started to appear and off I went to the most wonderful teacher. Biff. Biff the magical Mithofer and with one line from a poem a stretch I found a new home. Back in my body. “You don’t have to be good, Just let the soft animal of your body, LOVE what it loves”.

And from that moment every single class I have taught has had a large scoop of yin served with every practise. Because this is what its all about, balance. Yin and Yang , night and day, happy and sad, sun and moon, feminine and masculine. It might of took me untill I was 35 to figure that out and REALLY let the yin in. but as I approach 38 Yin is still my best pal and has brought a profound change to my life and self-care for myself and others.

As I find myself working deep into the belly of womens health and really embracing my feminine it has been such an amazing journey to start as a young girl doing what she loved best. twirling around, whizzing about on my bike and naps. I haven’t really change that much, I just have nicer tools to help and guide myself and others along the way.

Discover Yocella

Fairy Blissmas Yocella

Fairy Blissmas Yocella

A peaceful two hour yin yoga session led by Kitty Maguire to live cello played by Anna Marcossi.


@Reformation Waterloo Lane Studios


Sun, 15th December


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Yoga with Kitty

My classes are of a slow flow nature with a focus on selfcare, awareness, and slowing down the nervous system.

I encourage individuality, expression and personal growth through a yin and yang practice in a light and uplifting environment.

My thirst for knowledge continue’s as I delved deeper into my level 2 & 3 Yin Yoga training with Biff Mithoefer this summer and started Womb yoga training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli this year.

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